Maximising Rental Property Returns

Investing in property is a popular form of income and equity growth in Australia due to the resilient nature of returns over the longer term and lender willingness to loan 80 per cent or more (with insurance) on property assets.

This guide focuses on management strategies that property investors can use to maximise their return on investment. We spoke to Neville Sanders, President of the Real Estate Institute of Australia, and Paul Drum, Head of Policy at CPA Australia, for key rental property management and taxation insights. It is important to seek accredited professional advice in relation to your personal circumstances.

Tailoring your rental property to what renters want will attract quality tenants and minimise rental vacancy rates. Domain research has identified the most important factors impacting a tenant’s decision to lease a property.

Feel confident you are managing your rental property efficiently and to maximum effect with Domain’s A Guide to Maximising Rental Property Returns.

This article was written by Jacqui Thompson and can be seen in full here:

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